Mindset is everything, coming from a place of confidence and mental authenticity can define how you perform every action in life. For learning, there must be an authentic purpose and deep routed confidence in yourself to absorb information and reproduce it on command.

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The Engineering Mindset

You might be an engineer, or you might not be, but the mindset of an engineer can be obtained by anyone.


 To be productive, the character skill you must have is the ability to solve problems, and no one does this better than

the engineer.

Many students quickly realise that there are two macro chapters to the academic journey. The one that concerns the time becoming qualified in university, and the one that concerns the time becoming practiced in industry.

If, like me, you feel lost in the momentum of learning (especially if you're in university) and need to gain confidence in yourself to become a better learner, I invite you to explore this blog for any and all perspectives that can support you.

Once you develop the mind of an engineer, the ability to match solutions to their respective problems will become fluent and you'll gain a hunger for learning and personal development.

Usually, something called Inertia is the culprit of being unproductive, it's known as the tendency to struggle to get things started from doing nothing. But inertia is actually the resistance to change state, be that an active or passive state.

If you can force yourself to be productive consistently for a time, this will become the new state and inertia will keep you in that state, and now, it's a positive thing, if you make it one.

I can offer no 'limitless pill', but I can offer my experience as a means of insight and guidance. I'm excited to share my thoughts with you, and I'd be honoured if you could gain anything from them.


Welcome to the blog!

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Study Smarter

When information isn't being absorbed as quickly as you need it to be, people around you will ask you to work harder. I disagree, I believe the solution is to do with the method of study rather than the degree to which you are studying.

Know it Better

Throughout academia, we learn for the exam. It's the dot product grade or number that defines our ability in a topic area. But how well do we know the things that truly impact our mindset, skillset and confidence?

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