The Tesla Powerhouse

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Although a reputable automotive company today, Tesla has become known for Its disruptive influence in the market worldwide. Though mind you, this isn't their limit, it might just be the beginning of a fully integrated, successful and dominant initiative to produce clean energy and distribute it to the masses safely, cheaply and sustainably!

Back in March, Tesla reported the production of their one millionth Electric Vehicle, this of course was quickly followed by their one-millionth sale some months later

The automotive portion of the company continues to gain headlines but as for Tesla Power, it's just the beginning...

If the company begins to gain even more momentum toward the power sector as well as the automotive, they'd earn a sizeable market share in two of the biggest sectors on the planet by revenue

Elon has already communicated his intention for Tesla power to become as big as Tesla automotive. Although we are in the early days of this, there is evidence that this is more than possible, it's probable

Solar City

In November 2016, Tesla acquired SolarCity. Now existing as a subsidiary of Tesla, it profits from the unstoppable momentum under the command of Elon and his team

Headquartered in Freemont, SolarCity develops and sells solar panels for homes and businesses

You may have heard a thing called 'vertical integration' before and SolarCity is one of Tesla's 'links' to that vertically integrated chain

The idea here is that Tesla can provide the electric vehicle as well as supply the clean energy to power it. Along with powering your home and even have the potential of contributing power to the grid resulting in a consistent pool of energy to be used locally or nationally ( which by the way, you could be being paid for! - more on this later )

The command centre for all of these possibilities exists within the Power Wall!

Effectively, this is the storage battery for all of the clean power you harvest to which you can decide to power your home, charge your car or store an amount of power for an unfortunate blackout

Tesla has made leaps and bounds in the power industry for years. Providing the harvesting AND storage technologies to make this possible...they are a force to be reckoned with, especially with this new ethos of clean energy becoming a 'need' more than a 'want' (as it should be!)

Quarter one of 2020 provided us with an inkling to just how well Tesla Power was doing. The 100,000th installation of the Power Wall technology had been confirmed and there's no sign of slowing down

With one million Tesla vehicles sold, just imagine the potential for the a Power Wall an Solar Roof! For the car owners, it certainly makes sense for them as their next eco-friendly purchase


Now, we spoke of making money from your very own Power Wall a moment ago and there's a brand spanking new app to support this

Autobidder, Tesla's real-time power regulation application allows a real-time buy and sell market to be set up where you can buy energy from the grid when needed ( or when it's cheaper ) and sell energy to the grid when they need it ( potentially at a profit! )

A key factor about this technology, the 'auto''s entirely automated!

Here's a quick pic from the Tesla website, looks like a trading window right? That's exactly what it is!

The asset is your harvested power, the method is machine learning and the outcome is a passive dollar!

Energy prices fluctuate throughout the day due to different people needing electricity at different times at...different amounts. It's semi-predictable however there remain areas of turbulence that just can't be predicted. The software will profit on these turbulent regions and fetch you a profit as you get on with your day

So let's wrap this all together. Tesla is providing you (the customer) with a vehicle.. a solar harvester (your lovely new roof) the Power Wall as your storage device and now.. an automated technology to make you money while you sleep - talk about value!

Australia Megapack Project

Tesla is great at helping humanity when in need, this is yet another one of those feel-good stories!

Just a bit of context before we reveal how Tesla implemented a solution in a gobsmacking 100 days. in September 2016 Australia suffered one of the largest storms it had experienced in a number of decades

This resulted in a nationwide power cut which caused havoc among the country. Of course, this isn't just inconvenient, it's a darn right dangerous one

850,000 Aussies in the southern region suffered a total blackout due to a cascading failure of the electricity network

Although this isn't the storm itself, the lightning alone was THIS bad!

One observation was noticed, an island also in the south named 'Kangaroo Island' (no I'm not making that up) sustained its power. Why? Because it accommodates its own power station which was specifically built for contingency

The catch? it supplied the Island, but nowhere else in the southern region

The solution? Musk...

After the storm passed, Australians were keen to bandage up the country and reinforce its capability to weather the next storm. They planned on having a contingency power source to light up the country during a blackout

in 2017 Tesla won the contact and constructed the Hornsdale Power Reserve for a contact price of 90 million dollars (AUS) though it ended up costing 161 million

Tesla achieved the construction way in advance of a 100-day pledge made by Elon, he was so confident of this that he even said if it wasn't done in that time... the batteries that stored the backup energy

Quite ballsy!

Nevertheless, achieved. Australia was ready for another right hook from mother nature and in 2019 they even requested a battery capacity increase of +50%

What a wonderful example of an innovative company coming to the aid of a country in crisis!

Kauai Island

Fetch your pineapples, we're heading to Hawaii for this one

Just one month before the Australian development mentioned above, Hawaii was seeking a 13 Megawatt Solar and 52 Megawatt-hour battery installation

The purpose of these panels and massive storage batteries was to supply the energy required during the early mornings, evenings and nights

Hawaii are familiar with solar but they did not have the technology to hold onto the harvested sunlight during the day and then utilise it during the darker times of the day

Tesla won the contract and set up a fascinating array of panels and storage capabilities

Almost 55,000 solar panels collect energy throughout the day to be stored within 272 Tesla powerpack batteries which are then used to provide power throughout the night

Before this capability, Hawaii relied on fossil fuel generators for this power. Now they are saving butt-tonnes of money while powering the homes of around 35000 residence

Projects like these provide a warm feeling to so many who feel Tesla is truly helping communities better themselves and it doesn't stop here. There are even more development solutions that the company have successfully implemented and we're sure many more are to come

The significance of Tesla Energy is generally underestimated, just as Tesla automotive leapt from the bushes when no-one was looking, we expect Tesla Power to execute a similar reveal

Of course, we'll be waiting for it!

Thanks for reading


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