The Significance of Elon Musk

Updated: Apr 6

Scattered throughout time exist the names of men and women who have defined the world around us. Familiar names like Sir Isaac Newton, Marie Curie and Einstein are still attributed today as revolutionary heroes

Years in the future though, our generation‘s impact will be measured and taught. Among the attributed names still to be defined, we believe Elon Musk will have a more than deserved reputation as one of the most significant men in human history

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past 20 years, you would be familiar with a gentleman who seems to be like something out of the future

Elon's ideas and theories sound to be like a fictional dream. However time and time again he's shown that through the art of engineering and design, these 'far-thrown' ideas can not only become tangible but become revolutionary

From this, we ask ourselves, what does it take to pursue these ideas amidst the doubt of those appear to be 'experienced' and have been in the industry for many years

What could it be that this man has, what separates him from just another ambitious individual, hell-bent on the pursuit of riches and reputation?

Well, If we look closer, we begin to see something unique about his character and heart-warming about his intentions

By no means is he the 'typical' CEO, nor does he follow the 'convention' for problem-solving or managing his workforce

Behind his actions, exist a hand-full of real motivations that reveal a truly brilliant individual!

He's Genuinely Concerned

When we say concerned, we aren't specifically talking about his business ( though of course he remains fully invested in them )

And we're certainly not talking about his 'perceived image' by the media or wider community

Elon makes it quite clear that he's concerned about the sustainability and progression of human life and he comes across as very genuine about this

If we think of two of Elon's companies, Tesla and SpaceX. They both represent very different eventualities for the human journey

Tesla represents the saving and preservation of our home planet. It invests everything into reusable energy and the suppression of pollutants, of which are many!

SpaceX though represents the idea that humankind can be interplanetary. Our species can exist not only on our home planet but also on other planets that can sustain life, just think of what it takes to actually PLAN this out - he's done it!

So between them, Tesla and SpaceX represent two separate ideas. One where the world survives (Tesla) and one where the world does not (SpaceX)

From the ground up, Elon has built two massively influential companies comprising of almost 60 thousand (and growing!) employees to help achieve both of these - again, think of what this takes, where does the ambition stop right!?

The reason for all of the above is because he's genuinely concerned, however, he doesn't shy away in fear. He uses this concern to drive his ambition to actualise what our future needs to look like for a sustained life

This is why he does so so well, he's genuinely afraid of a future to where we aren't the best version of ourselves... this is the first motivation we've noticed, honestly, it's probably the leading one!

He Wants Something Different

You hear the term CEO and right away you understand that this must be a person of great wealth and influence if you're at a social event and you let loose that you are the Chief Executive Officer of some company... bravo, you have the ear of everyone in the room

Some people make this their predominant goal in life, as they know that with this title comes money and reputation. Though, our Elon quite frankly could not care less

Why? Because it's not important, the importance for him lies in the productive output of his companies rather than his political perception

It's because of this, Elon is and will continue to be the most significant and most successful CEOs of any company...ever

Both his intention and attention exist at the level to where he is here to serve others. A common saying among successful leaders is that ' to lead is to serve ' and Elon promotes this with great conviction

Elon might be an employer, but he's actually serving the entire world and leading it to a safer, better and more sustainable future. Money is not on his mind, but what is on his mind is the genuine worry of ' what if I don't do this, what will mankind look like?'

This type of ethos exists among many familiar names, just to name a few if we think of Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs, these men were not interested in money or their overall wealth

Of course, it may have been in the small group of things they wanted but they did not lead with it, they lead with the intention to change the world for the better and to serve humanity i.e true engineers!

There's even another saying amongst entrepreneurs, which goes like this

'Provide great service and the money will come'

What this is saying is that if you genuinely peruse the selfless action as a priority, and not really even think of the money as a materialistic gain but as a means to maintain your priority ( the service ) the selfish reward of money for yourself, will come

Of course, we say selfish here but we mean it in the nicest of ways, I mean if you bring in that much value into the world then you as the provider should be able to experience the fruits of life!

This then is our second motivation. Elon is fighting for those less fortunate than himself and he's even fighting for the future generations to live in prosperity - he's dedicated his life to this - what a badass!

Against All Odds

This might be something that resonates with you

Have you ever pursued some improvement of yourself or some big idea and there are those who may be richer than you or in more educated positions that tell you what you're doing is stupid or impossible... telling you it's a waste of your time?

Elon has, Elon has been told this repeatedly, even by those he admires

He's been told this after investing all he has into the companies and borrowing money off friends for living expenses - he reveals this in many of the interviews he's done, it's amazing what he sacrifices for the greater good

Although he may listen to the surface language of the people who doubt him, he understands the depth of what they're implying

What they are saying is that no one can do it, they are pessimistic and they are either coming to a 'conclusion' uneducated, ignorant or because what Elon is proposing is disruptive to their own interests

Elon is doing this not just because he is genuinely concerned and not just because he wants to improve humanity

He's doing it because he knows he is capable of achieving it!

Now, think of the light bulb moment where you can see the future and although you don't know the direct route to get there in one jump you know which direction to go in and you're fairly confident that by taking the next step, you'll be closer to your aim than you were yesterday

The weight of responsibility bestowed upon you would be extraordinary, and it is for Elon!

Ultimately, Elon knows he can do it... more people around the world are becoming confident in his ability also and we here at PutSimply are firm with Team Elon!

Our third motivation then, short and sweet... he's one of the very few who are capable and thankfully, he knows it

Education For All, Everywhere

Elon knows his ability well, he knows his ambitions are vast and his intentions are true but It doesn't end there, he also believes in the potential of others

He believes that education for all is crucial for innovation, not only this but he believes that conventional teaching is missing a trick

When Elon is asked about how he would teach his own kids, he mentions an analogy that opens up a conversation

He gives an example to where if you were being taught how to fix an engine, the convention is such that you would learn about the tools that are involved with fixing the engine

You would have one module on wrenches, one on sockets, another one on drills etc and Elon isn't a fan of this

Because what's happening here is that the tutor is teaching the student about the tool, not teaching the student to the problem

The tutor is showing the tools that would be used to fix this sort of problem but not really showing them the problem

A method Elon proposes is teaching to the problem instead. Here, the students can see the real-time implications of what they are studying, so now the conversation looks like this

"This is an engine, the fault is somewhere in here but to get in there we need a screwdriver"

You then use the screwdriver and by doing so you can teach its use, relevance and purpose!

Elon believes in this idea so much he's even created his own school for his own kids and hired a teacher who also believes in this technique. He's called it 'Ad Astra' and it even has a handful of kids!

The kids aren't separated by age or by means of ability, they all work together to solve problems by being taught to the problem, not being taught to the tool

Elon has a bigger vision though, one that goes far beyond the education of his own children and it's one to where information, as abundant as it is...can be available to all!

You may be familiar that those who have some kind of degree are usually favoured by most employers, Elon isn't totally sold on this factor. It does provide an indication of ability but he understands it's not a declaration of absolute understanding or unstoppable drive

He has openly said that he would hire anyone whether they have a degree or whether they have no education what so ever, it all depends on the person and how they see 'the problem'

This is why Elon is so keen to give everyone the opportunity to improve their education. So many people in the world still today lack the access to knowledge and it sucks that this is still an issue

So he introduced a brand new idea, STARLINK!

So here's Starlink in a wrap, imagine if you had internet access in every location on the planet. Moreover, imagine if you had a data rate of a gigabit per second

How far are we away from this? well about 42% of the world do not have access to the internet.. at all

Of course, we're talking of the internet here as an endless library of learning, education and understanding, along with its ability to connect people and provide immeasurably more opportunities than ever before, cat videos and all!

Anyhow, it's something I would advise looking into, it's some pretty interesting stuff. It will come in the future but for now, we're taking on the automotive market for our first impact

In the EV revolution materialising around us, Musk holds his position at the spearhead of the movement and honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way

Thanks for reading


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