Arcimoto - The 'Three-Wheeled' Tesla?

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

This Electric Vehicle revolution doesn't only apply to the typical commuter vehicles we are all familiar with. It applies to the whole bunch, just imagine golf carts, delivery vehicles, mopeds, scooters, sand buggies and more! Arcimoto is taking lead on developing the three-wheeled variant that applies to most vehicle types...and they are killing it!

One Less Wheel, One Big Impact

The idea behind the design is a humble one, it's about emissions foremost and then extends into service and ultimately providing value through enjoyment and utility

Slingshotting into the market as a low cost and convenient variant on the electric vehicle, Arcimoto is starting off small and dreaming super... super big!

Imagine having the speed and agility of a scooter combined with the storage of a small car, add a scoop or two of enjoyment and you have yourself the Arcimoto design, the company dedicates itself to hitting this hybrid sweet spot and bringing it to the masses

You might think, who does this apply to? Well, it turns out, a lot of industry sectors could really do with this capability. To understand what we mean, let's tackle them all!

The Man Behind the Wheel

Mr Mark Frohnmayer is yet another refreshing character entering the charge toward an eco-friendly future. Graduating from UC Berkeley in 1996 with a degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, he's here to make a serious change

Although we're only reporting on Arcimoto today, the company has been around since 2007 and as time has flown past us, Mark and his team have been designing and re-designing their idea of a quality product

It's easy to recognise something here though, that is this common quality between Mark and someone like Elon Musk with regard to their intention. it's coming across very clearly that they are here to make an impact and provide true value.. not solely to make a profit. For those of you who have read our previous posts, you know we're a bit advocate of this!

We appreciate this quality in our engineers and it's one that has a wonderful habit of resulting in success!

The Fun Utility Vehicle (FUV)

Read over that again, the 'FUN Utility Vehicle'...what a name!

Currently, this goes for just about $20,000 with a range of 102 city miles. City miles, by the way, is assuming the terrain you drive on is consistent and relevantly flat.. like most cities!

As for speed, you'll achieve 75MPH at full whack, more than enough!

The FUV is the Arcimoto flagship product, its purpose is to provide the ultimate experience for its occupants and glow with a 'wow factor' to its observers. You can imagine its marketability to the rental markets, holiday sites, events, days out etc

This is also the product that most individuals might purchase themselves, its architecture allows the vehicle to be lesser restrained by city congestion or any inconveniences on the road. This could easily be the 'pop out and about' vehicle of tomorrow!

Of course, it's fully customisable for those who'd like to make an impression!

With two seats, you can enjoy the vehicle with a friend, play swapsies, be productive or have a blast... the freedom of the fun is yours!

The Deliverator

Keeping the fun aspect and slapping on some utility, we have our Deliverator... again, these names are fantastic

Now, although individuals are certainly less likely to buy this one, those who do have their eyes on it are the culinary/takeaway/delivery sectors (who guessed!)

The food service delivery industry is and has been booming for years, and of course, due to the rise of COVID, it's now being encouraged even more to keep business going and keep people fed...safely!

That's the first and only time we will say the 'C' word in this post.. we promise!

The stats weigh up pretty much on par with the FUV above. The key thing to note here is the 'sweet spot' aspect we mentioned earlier, this is effectively the hybrid benefit of having a scooter and a small vehicle

You have the storage in the back for your deliveries ( instead of the passenger seat ) while maintaining the speed/range/agility of the FUV

Advantages are both obvious and not so obvious, you'll be able to zoom through the contested city, likely get parking, track where you are while upping safety and comfort

On another hand, you'll be able to keep food warm with an in-built heater, easily make use of the vehicle like a branding banner for your food joint and protect your cargo that much more!

Of course, the offer extends to delivery providers too like Amazon and other couriers, whoever sees the opportunity to provide a better service, Acrimoto have built this toy with you in mind

Rapid Responder

Okay now let's hold on to the fun AND utility, add some flashy lights... giving us the Rapid Responder!

Again, keeping the stats mentioned above, we have our emergency responder variant

Although this applies to the fire departments of the world (as shown) it also applies to the medics, the police, the securities and emergency services too

The Rapid Responder is an interesting one because it provides all emergency personnel with a 'new tool'. You might think, 'why don't they purchase a bike to weave through traffic at high speed?'

The reason for this is often to do with the amount of equipment they carry, you'd increase speed and attentiveness but sacrifice your 'toolbox'. Arcimoto is going for that sweet spot again and to be honest, doesn't it make sense that all emergency services at least have this option?

Just think of a scenario where emergency response personnel need to get somewhere that an ambulance of fire truck cant? the Responder would speed on through with a record response time

To date, these are the three variants Arcimoto have officially released. They have touched upon a new variant which will allow film production opportunities to anyone interested, whether they be from Hollywood film studios or the YouTube influencer community!

The design in mind was to have the FUV architecture but the back seat to be reversed, to face the tail of the vehicle, a camera operator would sit here and be able to film in motion!

However this hasn't been released yet, so it remains food for thought

Ultimately, you can see the company are pushing to make a meaningful impact from the fun to the serious with just one vehicle architecture

Production of these vehicles began in 2020 and Arcimoto have made themselves known throughout the EV community. This is where we'd like to extend special kudos to the company for reaching out to Sandy Munro at Munro & Associates who specialises in the production and manufacturing efficiency, cost reduction and integrity of vehicles

We'll speak about Munro & Associates in another post, but pretty much it's the company you want to partner with if you'd like to ramp up production at a lesser cost, higher speed and really go big

Arcimoto has done this and as a result... show their intention, they absolutely mean business

If you can't tell already, we support this company wholeheartedly. The glow of true intent is shining through clearly and it's great to see this kind of company develop into reputable names, all the power to them!

Additionally, here's something cool just to show you exactly who's interested..

Thanks for reading


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